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I’m Going to Rehab

October 23rd, 2008 · No Comments

When Hubby and I sit in the car for long periods of time (which we do far too often) and as we complain of flattening buttock-al areas and I suffer from nic fits, we usually come up with some fantastic idea that will never come to fruition. Kind of like when you imagine out loud what you would do if you won the lottery. We’ve played that game many times between Hotlanta and The Ham. As we in the Bible Belt are not allowed to have such sinful things as lotteries, (we can however have charity Bingo) and Hotlanta taunts us to partake of this devilish attraction with every other billboard along I-20.

So one ten hour trip recently taken between Tampa and The Ham, we came up with the idea of having our own bar. How cool would that be? What would we name it? What would the décor look like? What would make it the coolest place to hang out at? That’s when REHAB was born. Yes, our bar would be called REHAB. Our T-shirts would say REHAB – Just What the Doctor Ordered or REHAB – We Cure What Ails You! Where are you going tonight? I’m Going to REHAB! Follow me to REHAB! (this could go on for days)

We could have a wings appetizer entitled Chicken Addiction! Or a great homemade pie called Pepperoni Addiction!  We’d have a dessert entitled Chocolate Hangover! For the little ones menu – The DT’s (mini dogs and tots) Drink specials include Crack Shots, Mango Meth Martinis and something called Rock Bottom. I think it should have a cherry in it.

Our Bartenders will wear scrubs and the wait staff will have sexy nurses uniforms…

Do you see how this very active fantasy life keeps us from dying of boredom?

Well, come see us at Rehab some day! We’ll leave the toilet seat up for ya!

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