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January 23rd, 2012 · No Comments

I did it again.

Hubby complains at me all the time about “moving shit”. I have a habit of cleaning up and moving clutter from one place to another then I forget where I put it. Hubby is convinced I packed his wallet in with the Christmas decorations. (I’m convinced he left it at a fast food place and just won’t admit it.)

I was at a fabric store several months ago and hit their clearance rack of paper products. I found invitations, gift boxes and tissue garland all in a teddy bear theme, so I scooped them up long before I knew I would even host a baby shower in the future. They were just too cute and practically free (at least that’s what I tell Hubby).

Anyway, for some unknown reason I put the paper products in a china cabinet drawer for safe keeping, but the garland I left in its bag and tossed it in my closet. For months I was constantly looking at that bag in my closet and reminding myself to put it somewhere that I will find it when I need it. I guess I finally did, because when I found out I was to host a baby shower, I searched high and low for that
damn garland. It certainly was not in the closet where I had been looking at it,
sitting there on the shelf, mocking me for probably 6 months! It was not with the other paper products that I knew were in the china cabinet drawer. It wasn’t even with the pile of baby shower gifts now cluttering the dining room table. I resigned myself to the fact that I must have accidently thrown the bag away with the Christmas madness.

On the day of the baby shower, I asked others what they would be wearing for the party. Then I went into my closet and took stock of the choices. I decided on a particular floral shirt and when I pulled it from the closet, there hanging from the hanger, was that damn plastic bag. I had obviously chosen this particular shirt long ago to wear for the baby shower and attached the bag with the teddy bear garland to it, knowing that I would find it there when I needed it.

So, as logic would go, that means that Hubby’s wallet should be inside my favorite pair of cowboy boots. After all, I’m always searching for the perfect replacement pair…


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