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June 7th, 2010 · No Comments

Boy decided he wanted to throw his very own Field Day. Apparently he and his roommates were nostalgic for younger, more athletic days…

Boy and his roomies have a very large house, but it does not have a large yard, so he reserved the Big House. Best part about it was that I really had no responsibilities or requirement to help out in any planning. Boy and his roomies took care of everything. They even recruited guests to bring potluck items; bottles of alcoholic beverages, potato salad, mac ‘n cheese, brats and beer.

There were several games to choose from, depending on your willingness to get dirty and/or wet. There were group games including corn hole, horse shoes, bocce ball, volleyball, badminton and croquet.

At one point in time the rain made for a rousing game of volleyball. Young hard bodies in bikinis slipping across wet grass and performing all kinds of athletic feats that persons of my age can now lonely cringe at. Of course, the boys all did their best Top Gun impressions too.

The Dizzy Dean golf challenge was quite humorous. Each person had to spin around 5 times then try to hit the ball as close to the flag as possible. (Our flag was the North Pole from the Xmas decorations. We know how to class an event up!) I don’t know that anyone received an actual ribbon on that challenge, but the geese in the pond were running scared.

There was a tug-o-war challenge with a baby pool in the middle for splash downs and a double length slip ‘n slide on a decline for maximum speed! Yes, I did have the first aid kit ready and available.

By 7 pm the keg had run dry, but there was some concoction in a large Igloo cooler that was pink and quite possibly TOXIC.

After dark a strange card game erupted that I’m certain made absolutely no sense to a sober person and had no rules to speak of, but I guess that was the point…

The Beer Pong Championship started around 9 pm, but I never saw a single ball go into a single cup, so I have no idea how they crowned a champion. Speaking of crown, one guest arrived with a large bottle of Crowne Royal. Rumor has it, he indulged in several shots before sharing with anyone else and later that night he was discovered sprawled out on the floor in his Man Van passed out cold. (He did FB the next day saying that he was home safe and sound and no worse for wear.)

By midnight, 11 bodies were literally overflowing the 6-man hot tub. They were singing college fight songs and homemade rap tunes complete with beat box imitations. Of course, Hubby just had to get himself involved in that situation. By the end of the day, at least four young ones told me they wished they could wrap Hubby up in a big red bow and take him home as their very own. SILLY KIDDIES, HUBBY’S ARE FOR KIMS!

I recently saw an episode of HGTV’s House Hunter’s, where the Dad said, “If you have a great house, the children will actually come visit”. I had a great time just enjoying the noise and commotion (I even kept quiet through a good 20 minutes of gangsta rap) and all those young people having some harmless fun. Can’t wait for Field Day 2011!

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