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If the Sweater Fits

December 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Typically I am not a labels wearing person. I do not normally shop in specialty boutiques or require a name brand on my apparel or furnishings. However, there are times when I want something so specific that I have to find it wherever I can. I may also pay more for the item than on a regular shopping trip, but it really has to be worth it to me and still be a good value. For example, I saw a lighting fixture in a magazine several years ago. I was determined to find this light fixture, but within my modest budget. It took me two years of stopping into stores, visiting websites and sifting through catalogues, but I found it. I paid just under $200 for it (but the one in the magazine was well over $2,000). I felt good about my purchase and
everyone comments on my unique Moravian Star light fixture. I love it.

So I decided I really wanted an authentic Irish Fisherman’s cable knit sweater. I began searching for them in stores, online and in catalogues. So far, I have not been able to find one that is close enough to the original that is also within the price range that I feel still makes it of good value.

Then Hubby asked me to give him a Christmas list…

Yesterday was my birthday and he gave me a sweater as my
present. He explained his disclaimer before allowing me to open it: “I know that you put that item on my list only because you couldn’t find it on your own. I am giving you this sweater for your birthday instead of Christmas because I
it’s not the right sweater. I know you will return it. I know that with each of the dozens of stores I physically entered; with every salesperson that told me NO, you were laughing.”

So today I am wearing the sweater to work. It’s a perfectly nice sweater. It definitely is not an authentic Irish Fisherman’s cable knit sweater, but it is a sweater.  And
it will forever be my sweater… to wear… often… while I secretly laugh…just a
little bit…

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