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I’d like to thank the Academy

February 27th, 2014 · No Comments

I saw Gravity. In IMAX. I loved the sound effects, the CGI effects and the cinematography. All deserve award winning acknowledgments. I hated the writing, the acting and the cheap, trite, beat-the-horse-to-death storyline. Best thing about that movie, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s joke at the Golden Globes. This is not an Oscar winning performance by any actor and is not an overall best picture performance at all. I surely hope that something else wins these awards this Sunday…

I didn’t have any intention of watching Captain Phillips. I didn’t think I would like the “straight out of the headlines” re-enactment basically. But it was a rainy, crappy Saturday afternoon and the dollar movie theatre was calling.  Once again, Tom Hanks made the entire film! His Vermont accent was acceptable, his steadfast attitude as Captain of a crew and all the responsibility of a ship was believable. I was there with him the entire movie. Mesmerizing, award winning performance. This movie is not even nominated, neither is Tom Hanks. This is a tragic mistake on behalf of the Academy.

Recently, yet another rainy, crappy nothing-better-to-do Saturday afternoon and the dollar movie theatre was showing Saving Mr. Banks.  I wanted to see this movie when it came out in December, but you know how life gets in the way… I was intrigued by the storyline; finally something other than robots and vampires. A movie not even acknowledged by anyone at all, especially the Academy.

Once again, Tom Hanks’ portrayal of Walt Disney was wonderful (Get it? Wonderful World of Disney? Yes? No.).  I will even give acting credit to Colin Farrell who usually is overshadowed by his own obnoxiously thick Scottish accent. In this movie his character was Australian, so he at least had an accent to work with. Paul Giamatti’s character was merely a limo driver, but I adored every scene he was in. And of course, everyone who watches the movie, their first inclination is to call Mrs. Travers (Emma Thompson) a total bitch. In fact, my Hubby said it out loud at one point and I simply replied, “I love her”.

Dear Academy, you really should look beyond the media darling actors and actresses and special effects and airbrushing, etc… Look at the actual writing, acting and talent. Good enough…just isn’t.


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