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April 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Kids will always be kids. I remember sometime during my elementary school years I decided to trim my own bangs. I think my third grade portrait reveals the incredibly level attempt for all of eternity too. I also remember both of my girls making their debut with a sharp pair of scissors. It’s just one of those live and learn experiences everyone has to go through.

I now have a granddaughter who has taken her turn. The thing is, she is only in kindergarten, I thought that was still a bit young, but Scooter is convinced that she is at least 15 already and a fashion icon to boot.

This child has beautiful red hair (all one length) which sets off her bright blue eyes and porcelain skin. No, the Bama summer sun is not good to her. Even a thick coating of Georgia clay couldn’t keep this child safe from sunburn (a Ginger’s fatal flaw).

Her very proud Daddy is notorious for disliking bangs. He often reminds his wife that it could be grounds for divorce. (Perhaps he saw a childhood picture of Sari after her beauty school dropout moment?)

This past weekend, Scooter was allowed to watch a kid movie in Mommy and Daddy’s room before bedtime. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary until she emerged to say goodnight. Apparently, she had slipped into the master bath, helped herself to a nice pair of scissors and designed a new hairstyle.

As I understand, no lengthy lecture was required on the evils of scissors, the SHEAR look of horror on her beloved Daddy’s face was all it took to melt Scooter into a bawling puddle of tears. Mommy, on the other hand, nearly laughed herself right into a coma!

Isn’t parenting fun? I guess poor ol’ Daddy will just have to embrace bangs for awhile. Classic!

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