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I Tickle Myself!!!

October 20th, 2008 · No Comments

I often make fun of my Hubby. Don’t worry, he can take it. I often tell him he needs to carry around a yippy dog like Paris Hilton and all the other “important” people in this world, so he can be important too, of course. Don’t you think it would be funny to see this big guy carrying around some shivering, drooling rat in his arm?  Driving around in his work truck all day, visiting customers, vendors, etc… I thought this was an excellent idea until we drove up to HuntsVegas yesterday. WOW! Talk about country! There is this 10 mile or so stretch once we exit the Interstate that is nothing but cows and hay. If you need hay, I know exactly where it is, but I couldn’t find a cell phone signal to save my life!

Suddenly I get this splendid idea! Hubby does not need a yippy dog, what he really needs is a mini goat! Could you imagine? It could live in the back yard with no problem because we live on a nature preserve, so no one will care. Then he could hang out in the back of the truck just like rednecks do with their hunting dogs. And the best part, Hubby could just feed the goat his Diet Pepsi cans all day! The ultimate recycling plan! (We all need to be saving the environment don’t ya know.) And, what makes a better lawn care mascot than a goat? This is so brilliant! I already have his name picked out too. It will be Go Go Speedracer. Oh Yeah! And, Go Go gets to wear an ascot to work every day. Now that’s handsome!  You’ll just need to know that right after we had this stimulating conversation on the ride home, a pickup truck passed us on the inside with…

wait for it…

two mini goats hanging out in the back just like hunting dogs! I kid you not!

Kidd you not!

Get it? Ha!

(This is even funnier in connection with Disorderly Conduct’s last post)

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