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July 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Hubby had a revelation that all those fabulous fast food palaces “were out to kill him”. And that if he kept up his addiction to hamburgers and french fries for lunch every day, he was basically “committing suicide”. These are his exact words, not mine.

I, on the other hand, do not care so much for fast food. Rather than spend $5 per day on a crappy hamburger with too little mustard and soggy, undercooked fries, I’d rather skip lunch, save the cash and at the end of the week use that $25 for a luxurious pedicure! So, not saving money per se, but a nice pedi can last up to a month! Now that’s a bargain!

My addictions stem from my birthplace; a real meat and potatoes upbringing! Literally! I could eat a plate of mashed potatoes drowning in gravy, with a side of Lays Potato chips dipped in french onion dip, with a heaping helping of au gratin potatoes and top it all off with a dessert of hash browns smothered and covered! If there’s a sauce, a gravy or a cheese on it, I’m good with that. You can pretty much coat an old shoe in a Hollandaise Sauce and I will eat it. Mmm, Mmm gooooood.

However, for the past couple of months Hubby and I have been really trying to eat better and to walk more often and to generally take better care of ourselves. We drink a lot more water, walk the golf cart track and our dinners have changed to mostly a grilled chicken breast with some kind of vegetable. Not a very exciting menu but it has really made a difference…or so I thought…

On Sunday, Hubby bought a new scale. I have not looked at a scale in years! EEEEEK! But I tried it out…now I would never typically share my age or weight with anyone EVER! But this unscientific research is something I needed to share: For the past 4 days, each morning I would step on the scale around 8 am and it would say 133. Each evening around 8 pm I would step on the scale and it would say 137. I am confused as to how I gain 4 lbs every day and then lose 4 lbs every night while I sleep. I mean, I know I am full of shit most days, but come on! 4 lbs of it? I am not amused.

Well, let’s just finish this up by confessing that I am now 39 years old and by next week I am sure I will weigh in at a svelte 124 (at least before my first cup of tea). Thank you very much.

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