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I don’t have stress; I’m a carrier

April 17th, 2008 · No Comments

I recently conversed with a girlfriend who was having some health issues. She said she finally went to the doctor who told her she was having tension headaches due to her job and was prescribed a medication. I used to work in her office for 6 years. I know how stressful it can be. I know I wanted to make a name for myself. Wanted to prove I could do anything. I worried about the clients, the employees and the employers. I wanted the office to be efficient, smooth and make money. I wanted the clients to be satisfied with the work product and my employer to appreciate my hard work. I got side tracked. Instead of just doing my job and enjoying its benefits I stressed out over every little thing. I took the job home with me in a folder and in my head. It was ultimately counter productive.

I stayed away from the legal profession for two years. I worked for the family business until the lawn care business bottomed out during a very tough drought season here in Bama. In order to get through it, I had to go back to making money outside and went back to the only thing I know and love. But I went back with a new attitude. Some days can get mighty mental, but I physically remind myself “It’s just a job”.  Sometimes I think that it being ‘just a job’ is kinda sad, after all I wanted this to be my career; my life. But after the death of my sister, at far too young of an age, I know that I won’t be saying on my death bed that I wish I’d spent more time at work.

I am lucky in that I have a great husband who is a hard worker and a good provider. I have great kids that I enjoy spending time with and a few girlfriends that have kept in touch with since childhood. I have been with my current employer for two years and we get along fine. I do not take work home mentally or physically, but when I am at work I try to do my very best that I am able on that day. It’s all I can do and I can be satisfied with that.

For today, this is my life and I know that it could all change in the blink of an eye. So I try to enjoy something everyday and in that spirit I will share with you the story of Randy Pausch. I recently watched a news program about this man with pancreatic cancer. He had been given a very short time to live. He started giving lectures and wrote a book called The Last Lecture. He has since surpassed his minimal time allotted on this earth, but he is very sick and he knows his time is limited. His words are inspirational and I think the best information I took away with me was that he was not telling people what to do with his lectures or book, he was merely sharing stories. Thank you Randy, for sharing your stories.

 I’d like to think that is what I am doing right now. And if anything I say makes someone smile, even for the briefest flash of a second, then I have done the very best that I can do on this day and I am satisfied with that.

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