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February 22nd, 2010 · No Comments

Valentine’s Day afternoon at the Roommates’ house: Boy is crashed out on the couch enjoying a sweet cat nap. Roommate #2 has just emerged from his room after a long night of bartending. Roommate #3 is just returning from his lunch shift as he trips over a bag mysteriously left on the front step and falls into the front door. Roommates 2 and 3 cautiously open the bag to reveal a case of baby formula. Rifling through the bag, they search for a card or note indicating to whom this awful item belongs. A vigorous game of hot potato begins. Each proclaiming, “It’s not mine!” 

Roommate #3 cries, “I don’t even have a girlfriend!”

Roommate #2 declares, “I don’t even know how to spell girlfriend!” 

Boy stirs from his peaceful slumber demanding what all this commotion is over. The Roommates toss the cootie bag to Boy, “it’s not mine!” they claim in unison. 

Boy laughs, “you idiots, my sister is having her baby tomorrow! I’m delivering this bag to her from her friend.” 

That night, three Roommates are out celebrating Valentine’s Day together. No girls allowed. Whew!

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