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Hopping Down the Bunny Trail

April 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Once again, we went a tad overboard on yet another holiday event. I thought Sari and I had logically discussed in advance the Easter Egg Hunt; she was to purchase/bring certain items and I was to pick up the slack. But as usual, we both didn’t follow the plan and we both covered all the bases. We ended up with 23 hardboiled/dyed eggs, 62 plastic-candy filled eggs, 1 giant chocolate bunny and half a dozen odds-n-ends like pretty hair bows and ring-pops in a rainbow of colors. All this for ONE CHILD! (Scout isn’t old enough yet) We could have easily rivaled the White House’s annual event! 

Thankfully, it was a beautiful day. We hid the plastic coated items over night and then ran out in the morning to hide all of the more perishable items. We had decided to keep it contained to the waterfall area of the side yard, but there was so much stuff that we had to expand down the flagstone path, across the water fountain area and out into the golf course! That Easter Egg Hunt took nearly an hour to complete! (There’s a good chance we missed a few… I lost count before making deviled eggs, hee hee) It was a good excuse to be outside though, so no complaints on my part.  

However, I thought I was being brilliant when I took the giant chocolate bunny out as the last item to be hidden. Unfortunately, it was the last item to be found!  

THE HORROR!!!!!!    

After an hour of being outside on a beautiful 80 degree day, well… let’s just say… all that was left was a mound of melted chocolate and two candy eyes at the bottom of the box…. so sad…. 

Next year we will have Scooter and Scout able to Easter egg hunt; two grandkids to spoil rotten and continue to go a tad overboard. It’s good to be a G.G. sometimes.

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