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Herman’s Hermits

May 6th, 2013 · No Comments

Hubby and I had such a full weekend! I don’t know why every fun event had to be scheduled for May the 4th (be with you), but this year, we had a hard time picking and choosing which fun thing to do. Seems a shame that some events could have been planned for ANY OTHER DAY so that maybe we could attend more than one…

Anyway, we tried to fit a little bit of everything in and this is how it went:

Friday night I get home from work and Hubby drives me to the Movie Theatre to see Iron Man 3 in 3D. I loved it. It was funny and charming and action packed. I recommend it. Afterwards, we visited the Boy at Black Market 280 and got to catch up with him (we haven’t seen him in a month – very busy kid) and enjoyed a tasty drink or two.

Saturday we attended the Celebrate Hoover Day at Veteran’s Park where we enjoyed a piece of the world’s biggest apple pie (I know you are jealous), got loaded up on free pens, beer Koozies and Frisbees and then actually won a raffle and received a $50 gift Card to a store at the Mall. BONUS! Then off to the dog track where we placed bets on the puppies and ponies and watched the Kentucky Derby (can’t believe I forgot my hat). Ran home to get gussied up to attend a concert at the Black Market 5 Points.  Had a few tasty drinks with the Cleavage Crew and visited with folks we hadn’t seen out-n-about in awhile. (Seems the economy has hit people in ways I didn’t imagine and many have gone dormant to try to rebuild. I can appreciate that.) So we made a toast to hanging on!

Sunday Hubby and I went out for breakfast. I love to go out for breakfast. I ate more than I should have. Waffles really should not be the size of your face. Neither should cookies. (I love me some Face Cookies!) After breakfast we went to the Mall to pick up that gift card I had won at the raffle on Saturday. What a cute store! I had never been in it before, but apparently now I will be spending $50 in there! Lucky Me! So while in the Mall, we ran into a department store where I managed to blow $80 on underwear and socks. Seriously Kimmer? From now on, I will stick with Wal-Mart. Sheesh! Then a little grocery shopping so we can go back to hermitting during the work week.

Hermitting is my personal terminology. I don’t know why I find it so difficult to go out after work. It’s similar to not going out on a school night. I just feel so happy to be home, in my comfy clothes and eating dinner at the kitchen table. I have absolutely no interest in keeping that damn bra on one extra minute to go out to a restaurant or to a bar or anything after 8 long hours at my office. So I do the grocery shopping on Sunday and load up on a week’s worth of planned dinners. Now that Hubby is retired, I can simply ask him to thaw something out and throw it in the oven and I get to come home to dinner, a favorite sweatshirt and a sweet face. What more does a hermit need? Maybe a nap. After that far too jam packed weekend, I may need a nap.

Happy Monday people. Here’s to hanging on for another week!

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