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Hazzard County?

August 27th, 2008 · No Comments

Hubby referred to Tropical Storm Fay as a Cuban Storm; always washing up on Florida’s shores. Then she made her way northwest and languished over Bama with a consistent and continuous rain that lasted for five solid days. Today is Wednesday and the sun is attempting to peak out from the clouds as the heat and humidity soar once again. Ahh, August in Alabama; the joy, the tears, the spontaneous human combustion.  

Now we await the looming prospect of Hurricane Gustav coming up from Haiti and into the warm waters of the Gulf Coast. Gustav will likely hit as a Category 3 but could increase before landfall. Currently, the weather gurus cannot decide just where it will hit yet, could be anywhere from Tampa, FL to Corpus Christie, Tx or the 3 states in between, but no doubt we all will see gas prices soar as the oil rigs are evacuated once again.  

And don’t forget, this is Labor Day weekend. The official last weekend of the summer, so most people in these parts head to the “beach” for the holiday. (Coincidently, it was 3 years ago this holiday weekend that Katrina “sunk” Nawlin’s and Biloxi.) If good ‘ol Gustav picks up any speed or makes a direct hit on Gulf Shores, there could potentially be an inordinate amount of pissed-off rednecks driving erratically north on I-65. Now there’s a warning everyone should fear! There should be a special siren for that! Does anyone else hear the General Lee’s horn????   

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