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Happy BDay Bear Bryant

September 14th, 2010 · No Comments

As told by a Penn State fan:

Joe Paterno goes to Heaven. He is greeted at the Pearly Gates by Saint Peter, “Joe, you are an institution, a beloved coach of 50 years and loved by millions. We have a special place for you in Heaven”.

St. Peter takes JoePa past some lovely townhomes, then they pass some pretty garden homes, then up a hill to a sparkling lake and stop in front of an amazing mansion. It is all painted blue and white and has Nittany Lions flags lining the driveway. JoePa is amazed. He thanks St. Peter but then looks across the lake at the tip top of the hill and sees an even bigger mansion. It is painted crimson and has houndstooth flags waving in the breeze. A giant red A is painted on the roof.

JoePa says, ” St. Pete my home is great but why do I have to spend eternity gazing upon Bear Bryant’s house?”

St. Pete replies, “JoePa, that is God’s house”.

Bama vs. Penn State 24-3. Roll Tide!

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