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October 16th, 2008 · 1 Comment

I stayed up and watch Nightline last night, which I rarely do. (I am usually watching Jay Leno.) But one of the stories was quite interesting. It was explaining how some of those bailout recipients spend their money. I should say OUR money now. Did you know that AIG spends $25 million per year to have their name on the jersey of the Manchester England Soccer Team? Did you know that Bank of America will spend $20 million per year to have their signs inside of the new Yankee Stadium? Also, Citibank will spend $400 million to have the new Shea Stadium entitled Citi Field.

The marketing representatives state that even though these companies may be “going through hard times right now” they still have to “get their name out there and solidify their branding”. You do realize that WE, the taxpayers, are now paying out the nose for all of this, for years to come. Our children’s children will be paying for this for years to come! Thank God AIG can still go on their company retreat to the tune of $440,000 at our expense and TD Banknorth Garden is such a better title than Boston Garden anyway, don’t you think? Why not go all the way? Why not Socialist Republic Field at Mile High? Or Entitlement Park Superdome?

This bailout is a total travesty. The Treasurer now has full power to do anything he chooses all at our expense. Banks are now nationalized, criminal practices have been rewarded and thieves walk away with millions. I am truly offended. Our Government is screwing us royal, but hey, as long as we can still have a dog and a beer at the game, I guess that’s all that matters.

Oh wait, are there trans fats in that dog????


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