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Go Team America!

August 8th, 2008 · No Comments

I am slightly excited to see the Olympics this year. I will be cheering for Shawn Johnson and the rest of the gymnasts, I will be sending good vibes to Michael Phelps to beat Mark Spitz’s record and take home 8 medals and most of all I will be rooting for Dara Torres, who at 41, is making her 5th trip to the Olympics which is already record setting!

The part I am not crazy about though, I hate to say it, but how in the hell did China get to be the host of the Olympics? It’s a communist country with notorious human rights violations! Everyone who would not bow to Chairman Mao had to flee to the island of Formosa (now known as Taiwan). The Tibetan Monks are fighting for their lives, which in and of itself is an odd thing to say…

Lest we forget, all the college kids run over by military tanks in Tiananmen Square?

And have you seen live shots of Beijing? The pollution is so thick that visibility (as of last night), was less than one mile! The waterways are filled with thick, green sludge caused by poor sewage drainage and dog was temporarily taken off all restaurant menus so as not to offend those of us who actually like dogs for their companionship, not flavor. Mmm…cocker spaniel! My favorite!

There is no way we have forgotten the poisoned dog food, the lead- filled red paint and Mattel nearly went bankrupt due to the Made in China label.

I cannot blame the cyclists who showed up at the airport wearing masks for “health reasons”, but ended up apologizing, as they did not mean to offend their host country. Offend? Shit! Save your lives!

The one good thing I see from all of the information we are getting out of China is that all those damn tree-hugging, global warming, green-is-good, environmental freaks can now see that the good ol’ U. S. of A. ain’t so bad.

Go screw with China for a while and let us drill for oil any damn place we please!  

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