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January 4th, 2013 · No Comments

I’m rather college football’d out already this week. The games seem to just run together after awhile. In fact after the third game on New Year’s Day, Hubby commented, “This game is never ending”. I had to remind him it was actually the third game with players wearing red uniforms (and weird socks with weird stripes).

At this point in the season, the play offs are over (according to your chosen team’s ranking), it doesn’t matter who wins or loses. Hubby supports all SEC teams in Bowl Games. Whereas, if I am not familiar with the team or its talent, I naturally tend to cheer for the underdog. I think it makes the game more interesting when the 14 point underdog succeeds with a trick play and pulls the wool over on those veteran assumed champs.

For example, Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN had a televised conniption fit over the fact that Northern Illinois University, (through the BCS rules and regulations), made it to the Orange Bowl! He was so appalled that a no-named college gets such a grand stage! I cheered for those Huskies to take their chance on national TV and get noticed! They still lost to Florida State, but they did not embarrass themselves as Kirk presumed. Way to go NIU!

Clemson made a statement by inching one out over LSU! And my favorite game so far was the Allstate Sugar Bowl where Louisville kicked some Gator tail! I found it quite be-fitting that Allstate sponsored the game. Their commercial “mascot” is Mayhem and during each commercial, Mayhem has this sinister little cackle that just cracks me up. So I borrowed that cackle every time Louisville scored on Florida!  Finally, I always enjoy a game when Michigan loses. Congrats South Carolina.

Now, there is this digital billboard sign that looms high above I-459 on my route into work each morning. The billboard has now become a giant lit-up countdown for the biggest Bowl Game of the year – The National Championship Game. Bama vs. Notre Dame.

A true contest of good vs. evil (Satan vs. God).

Roll Tide Roll!

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