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January 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Scooter sees a speech therapist a few times per week at school. Seems she has the usual 6 year old difficulties with certain letters and pronunciations. Add to the fact that she is now losing her baby teeth at an alarming rate and all one really gets is a face full of spit.

Speech Therapist called Mommy to set up a progress parent/teacher meeting but the phone conversation took a turn for the worse…Teacher only wanted to know where Scooter gets all of her eclectic outfits and who does her fancy hairstyles all the time? Seems teacher has a daughter close in age and loves the way Scooter dresses for school each day. Teacher also confessed that she tried to elicit the information directly from Scooter during their “class time” but didn’t get the answers she was looking for. That particular day Mommy had done up Scooter’s hair in pretty curls and the teacher wanted to know what device was used to get that look. All Scooter could say was that “it’s a pink thing that burns my head if I don’t hold still”.


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