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Getting Ugly

December 6th, 2012 · No Comments

I just love it when investigative news reporters go out in the Ham and manage to scope out and interview the most pathetic representative of the Alabama experience and put them on TV; usually toothless, shirtless and unintelligible.

This past week was no different. The local news took an in depth look at legalizing pot in the State, so they interviewed a local representative from some coalition. Mrs. Brilliant stated the following:

“…that’s because most people have never even smoked pot. It’s a natural growing herb! Not like heroin or cocaine…”

Can you see my version of the McKayla Maroney Not Impressed face?

Hello? McFly! Tell me, where exactly does heroin and cocaine come from then? I was under the impression the Coca plant was the largest cash crop out of Peru and Bolivia and…well… opium poppy fields are kind of a big thing in Pakistan, Turkey, Columbia… aren’t they? Or are you high as a kite right now on your natural herb?

Sorry folks. Do not give me your bullshit about legal marijuana as a prescription drug. A Pot smoker is a pot smoker and you may as well wear a giant scarlet P on your shirt so I can always know which person I never want to trust with my life.

A Forever-Friend’s Momma used to call it: Getting Ugly (she insisted that attire changed, posture changed, even faces changed after smoking pot).

Pot smoking (or eating??) has been proven to effect cognitive skills, sensory and time perception, motor function and concentration and coordination. Pot is known as a psychoactive effective drug (aka hallucinogen or psychedelic).

I don’t want my banker hallucinating while he’s responsible for my hard earned money. I don’t want my lawyer’s cognitive skills affected while she’s supposed to be protecting my rights. And I definitely don’t want my cab driver’s coordination compromised after “eating brownies” for lunch before he hurls me through the streets at 80 mph.

You know, come to think of it, everything I just said may very well apply to Xanax users as well (also a prescription psychoactive drug). Although, if you are the elementary school principal and you have to wear a big scarlet X on your shirt, you may get more unwanted attention than just a local news reporter, eh?

Now there’s some food for thought.


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