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January 2nd, 2013 · No Comments

As told by my oldest brother:

Got to tell you our exciting Saturday night ….

We went to an after Christmas party last Sat. night out in Lakeway; a get
rid of that present you don’t want/white elephant party. It’s about 30
miles from our house via 620 so a lot of traffic & traffic lights. We
took our passports.

The party was held by 2 Dianes. We knew Diane1, but not Diane2. So we
know there are going to be a lot of people we don’t know. There were 2
addresses on the invite, one address said parking, so figured that was
for overflow parking.

Lakeway is an older, expensive area, but not necessarily fancy houses,
it’s the view of the lake that is valuable. However when we got there
we certainly were impressed by the house. Well at first you couldn’t see
the house it was so high up right on the road like a skyscraper. Heck
the entrance was all elaborate yellow stone and the driveway was about
a 40 degree angle up. Felt like we were going to a castle. J sez,
“this can’t be Diane’s house. I said well maybe it’s Diane2’s house?”

So the place looks great, not gaudy, but nice, two 2 car garages
and the house is on top of those. We go up the stairs and there are signs
that say Merry Christmas and all, so looks like the party place.

The covered deck that you walk through is, oh about as big as my
house and the Christmas toy soldier decorations are life size. The
glass door looks in on the lit up kitchen and all is bright and merry so
we let ourselves inside. We’re carrying wine, and a wrapped present and first
person we see is a man on the sofa in the living room watching the horns game
and he has a family resemblance to Diane’s husband so we figure it’s a relative.
Whew, this must be the place, but wonder why it looks like no one else is here yet?

The wife appears and we don’t know her, but we figure she’s the other
Diane. We introduce ourselves and are talking away. She’s wearing her cheer
on the longhorns sweatshirt and cap. Finally she asks, now who are you?
So we repeat ‘Carl and Jackie’, as if everyone in the world has heard of us.

She’s really pleasant, but you can see the gears going in her
head – do I know you? So she asks who we are looking for ?
and we say Diane and Diane figuring she’s going to chirp up finally
that she’s the other Diane, I mean how dizzy can you be?
After all she’s having a party isn’t she? Certainly she didn’t
figure to know everyone. Well yeah, her name is NOT Diane
and she’s NOT having a party.

We tell her the address and yes it is hers, and no she doesn’t
know anything about our Dianes. The husband is real nice, although no
relation as suspected. Since we’re on a hill, and a fantastic view of
the lake, he starts looking out the front window to see if he can
locate a party going on nearby.

I talk with him a bit about the longhorn game displayed on the big
screen and the not-Diane says she was expecting some friends who
might stop by, which is probably why we didn’t get shot when we let
ourselves into her kitchen. We compliment her on her Christmas
decorations and she sees us out through her deck and we all ponder where
the party might be and give her many apologies.

Once out of the no longer total stranger’s driveway we give Diane1 a
call and sure enough she’s nearby, she’ll wait out front for us, no way
she says there can be an incorrect address. So we proceed to address 2 on
the invite and all is well we found 1/2 the party. After much denial,
she finally looks at the invite and sure enough despite the 5 proofreads
by her sister, she reminds us & her sister several times, 212 was on the
invite, it was supposed to be 222.

We’re hoping we get invited back to the other house someday, maybe
next thanksgiving.

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