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Funny Bones are Genetic

August 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

Momma passed away in March and Dad just celebrated his 80th
Birthday in May. He admits that he is lonely, but is getting along fine. Recently
we had a phone conversation and this is how it went:

Dad: This weekend was the annual Maumee Street Fair.

Me: Oh, did you go?

Dad: Hell no! Your Mother used to drag me to every damn street
fair in Northwest Ohio every year! She’d go searching for duck clothes and gourds.
Those damn ducks have more clothes than I do!

Me: Yes, I know about the ducks clothes, but gourds?

Dad: Yea, for some reason she liked gourds. She’d buy
dozens of them and then they’d sit on the tables until they rotted. One time,
they ruined the wood table. I hate gourds.

Me: Ok, so I should mark gourds off the Christmas list
this year?

Dad: And those damn ducks. I tried to keep up with their
wardrobe, but I always get it wrong. The stupid cardinal suit gets ruined in
the rain and the raincoat never sees it rain. And the mailman hassles me for it
every week at the Elks Club. He’s not even my mailman any more. I think he
specially drives by my house just to check on those damn ducks and give me hell
for it. I told him to shut up.

Me: Good talking to you this week Dad. You are one funny
old dude.


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