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January 20th, 2012 · No Comments

Sister-in-Law (SIL) just welcomed her very first grandbaby GIRL into the world this week. (She has 7 grandsons though). Everyone is healthy and happy. We are so happy for the entire family!

Which brings me to the humor our two families have been sharing for several years:

SIL is married to my Hubby’s brother therefore, we share the same last name. She is originally from the north and now lives in the south. She has been married once previously. She has 3 children with her first husband. She is a young grandmother. She likes her tasty drinks and Country Living Magazine. We were practically cut from the same cloth. It’s eerie. AND I LOVE HER TO PIECES! (is that self promoting? hmmmm……)

However, this past year we learned that her household must be doing something right, because out of those 7 grandsons, each and every one of them loves to do actual work. They request birthday parties that involve raking leaves for fun and wheelbarrow races in the dirt. For Christmas they ask for work boots and tool boxes. They insist on climbing on the roof and helping hang Christmas lights or just plain jumping into the pool from the top of the shed. They actually want to play outside!

On the other hand…my grandbabies are the exact opposite.
They are soft and whiney. Scooter is an utter girlie-girl’s girlie girl. She
finds it so easy to just say “I can’t” and convince someone else to do her
“dirty work”. She is a terrible couch potato who watches way too much cartoons
and mindless crap.  She will never rake leaves for fun. For Christmas she got
pink cowgirl boots (because she is not a boy) and a bunch of electronic games
and devices that she will never take the time to read the instructions or learn
to play correctly. Someone else will eventually do it for her. Her brother,
Scout, is even worse. He doesn’t even have to say “I can’t” he just screams
bloody murder and gets anything he wants.  He will never wear work boots because he refuses to wear shoes at all. He doesn’t have to, someone will always carry him. For Christmas he got a mini leather recliner complete with sippy cup holder. He loves to hide the TV remotes and no doubt will never move out of his mother’s house. Ever.

SIL, I wish your newest granddaughter lots of luck and strength because she’s going to have to be pretty tough to be able to hang with all those rough and tumble cousins! No doubt she will do it with utter class in a pink tutu and work boots.


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