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April 18th, 2012 · No Comments



Thank you Gal Pal Val. Your last blog post gave me the slap upside my head that I needed. Although your experience was a difficult one, you shared it out loud and gave me your wisdom. I can’t thank you enough.

Hubby has been very ill lately. I, like Val, trusted that my husband was seeing his doctor regularly and telling him all of the issues he was having. I trusted that he was not a four year old in need of Mommy to talk in his place. I assumed he had it handled and that his doctor was caring for him in the best ways possible. However, as husbands often do, they protect us from worry and concern. They don’t want to appear weak or not in control.

Val’s blog post made me see the light and I demanded a visit with Hubby and his doctor. I piped up when questions were asked about his health, symptoms and medications. The doctor heard me and we are now on a new journey with a Cardiologist. I went to that appointment as well. I told the new doctor about the medications and the symptoms. I called the previous doctor and requested all lab work, blood tests and medications to be forwarded to the Cardiologist. I wanted her to see for herself what Hubby has been dealing with for the past three months.

I want him to have the best care possible. I don’t want us both to be afraid and sleep with one eye open anymore. Maybe I am being too melodramatic. Maybe that’s why husbands don’t want us wives to speak for them. But if my melodrama gets him the help he needs and the correct care to keep him around for the 50 years he promised me, then I will be loud and dramatic and bossy and anything else I need to be.

Thank you Val for empowering me. I know my situation is not the same as your situation. But your words were enough to teach me a lesson.

When Hubby hugged me tight last night and said “Thank you for coming with me
today”, I just knew things are going to improve and we will all be smarter for

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