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June 2nd, 2010 · No Comments

Remember when Bush 43 was practically beheaded for his lack in visiting Louisiana after Katrina? I think it took him 3 days to fly over and then he was regarded as obviously hating black people? Well, does that mean Obama hates black people too? Because the Oil Spill is a GIANT disaster and Obama doesn’t seem to be too concerned about it other than a few great photo ops on some beach recently.

Perhaps it is just simply that all American Presidents don’t have too much concern for the southern states in general? Is it because we tend to be fairly conservative? Is it because we are typically “right-to-work” states and not unionized? Is it because we seceded? Come on! Can’t we let bygones be bygones? We all fly the same flag now. Seriously!

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it sure feels like most of this country does not even begin to understand the devastation this oil spill will have on us! ALL of us, not just the southern states.

Although the President repeatedly and annoyingly says “BP will pay for all of this!” Does he not realize that BP will go bankrupt over this and then who will be stuck holding the oil soaked bag?

Do we not think that oil/gas will skyrocket to over $5 per gallon again and we will all be waiting in line for a gas station to allot us our ration?

Do we not realize that Louisiana and Mississippi both receive over one-third of their entire state’s revenue from the industries associated on their shorelines? And say goodbye to Alabama wild shrimp and pristine, white sand beaches.

Florida’s beaches, tourism, housing and water related industries will all dry up like a ball of tar washing onshore. Isn’t it bad enough they have one of the worst foreclosure rates in the country? Not only can no one afford to live there, now they won’t even want to live there.

Oh boy, let’s not forget June 1st is the start of Hurricane season. A couple of good storms and all that oil will get pushed right up onto shore and into the lawns and the parks and the creeks and the rivers and the botanical gardens and the school playgrounds and the baseball diamonds and the soccer fields, and the water treatments plants…

President Obama, please fire and then prosecute everyone employed by the Minerals Management Agency. They were all bought and sold by Big Oil ages ago. (If you have to hire a committee to oversee a committee then what was the point?) Of course you will prosecute everyone having to do with Transocean and BP and the fire on the rig and the deaths of eleven people. We know that. You don’t have to have a press conference to tell us that. What we want is for the Government to throw every resource they have at this devastation to find a resolution. Send all of the EPA ships and employees and Homeland Security and National Guard. Heck! Send every MIT student and MENSA member. Whatever it takes! Find a solution first and then you can flog Big Oil all you want.

Mr. President, it has been 44 days of thousands of gallons of oil pouring into our gulf every single one of those 44 days. This country cannot afford anymore economic losses. We’ve lost our jobs, our retirement pensions, our homes and now our environment. We’re barely hanging on…

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