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January 24th, 2013 · No Comments

Misadventures Day 2 & 3

Sunday and Monday were our full days at sea and SIL is well known for her motion sickness issues.  About a month ago, we all went to a movie together – James Bond’s SkyFall – and after attempting to sit through the car chase scenes, she got up and left the theatre. Needless to say, we were all a little concerned for her.

But happily, she never had a tragic incident. In fact, I would estimate that nearly half the people on the boat had those cute little polka dot patches behind their ears. A total fashion statement! They should be made available in an array of colors to match your outfit or swimsuit!

There were times when all of us had to randomly grab hold of the bar counter to keep from swaying right off of the bar stools…but that didn’t have to be caused by the boat rocking, right? One night was so foggy that the Ship’s Captain apologized over the PA system for the fact that the fog horn would definitely be blowing all night long.

It was difficult to play putt-putt in the wind, but we just considered it an extra challenge. One day the sea was a little rough and the pools on Deck 11 were sloshing around like wave pools. But that wasn’t half as bad as the fact that I didn’t know the pools were salt water when I first dove in! Bleck!

By day three we had already become accustomed to the fact that food was just a stairwell away (in any direction). Any kind of food you might be hungry for, they had it ready for you nearly 24/7.  Crawfish? Yes. Hamburgers? Yes. Sushi? Yes.  On top of the daily buffet choices, we also enjoyed excellent personal service in the dining room. Lobster? Yes. Prime Rib? Yes. Shrimp Cocktail? Yes.  And I swear I have never eaten so many desserts in my entire life. Sorbet? Yes. Tiramisu? Yes. Parfait? Yes.

My waistline is screaming No! No! No!

(well OK, just this once…it is my vacation after all.)

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