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June 5th, 2008 · No Comments

There was a small article in this week’s Time Magazine about work attire and the confusion over Business Casual. The author mentioned that she had not worn pantyhose in over a year, but that flip-flops were totally unacceptable mostly due to the fact that she did not want anyone gazing upon her unsightly toes. I can relate to that as Hubby refers to my unusually long metatarsals as direct descendants of the sloth family. And yes, I can pick up quarters with my toes.

I am fortunate that I work in a small legal office.  There are four male attorneys and I am the only female on this floor. These guys work hard but on their own schedules and the only time they wear an actual tie is on “court days”.  My direct boss showed up in a full suit and tie on two occasions over the past two years only because he had to attend a funeral later on both days.

I am quite certain that these guys could really care less what I wear to work. I change my hair color as often as I change channels and nary a word spoken. I love nail polish and shoes and the more colorful the better. Once there was a comment about my “interesting” boots and the following day I was given an apology for possibly sounding sexist. (You can’t take the attorney out of the man.) Unless we are expecting actual clientele, I commonly wear jeans and a pony tail.

(Sidebar: And do pony tails have an age limit like short shorts and mini skirts? I often wonder if I dress my age or my shoe size?)

The funny thing about today is that after reading that article from Time Magazine, my boss walks in wearing a t-shirt, shorts and yes… flip-flops. Business Casual is not so confusing people, just take the cue from your boss. Next week show up in a toga fashioned from your Who Shot Roger Rabbit twin sheet set and don some pink plastic Crocs. You may even start a new Sex and The City fashion craze just don’t forget some kind of Whoville head dressing with the requisite flower on top. Voila!

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