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Easter Ham

April 25th, 2011 · No Comments

Recently my eldest and I had a conversation about traditional holiday food fare. We discussed how it was not appropriate to try out new recipes during these very specific times of the year. For example, one year my Mother gave the job of making the green bean casserole to my sister-in-law. She made it with frozen green beans instead of the French-style which is how Mom has made it for 60 years. Needless to say, no one touched the green bean casserole that year. Sorry sister-in-law, it just wasn’t right. To be fair, one year my Mother accidently bought the wrong salad dressing for her Betty Salad…no one touched it either. Mom learned her lesson though.

Since I have had my own family (and it is ever expanding) and I live in the Ham; I have had to attempt to re-create Mom’s holiday meals. I will never be able to compare, but she has passed on a few secrets and I try to uphold the traditions: Glazed Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, that damned green bean casserole and burnt dinner rolls. J  

Since Brit has been married, she now goes to her in-laws for most holiday functions. She also complains about most of the food. Their holidays are not the same as our holidays. Family traditions are different and sometimes you just have to try to expand your horizons. She said if her new family serves season-less, tasteless, gravy-less chicken for one more family event she will simply die. And then the ultimate betrayal occurred…

On Easter Sunday this year the new family not only served that damn chicken, but they also served…wait for it…rabbit. Yes, the Easter Bunny was carved up for Easter dinner. The horror! The emotional scars! The therapy now required…

When she told me of this tragedy, I assumed it was a joke, but she insists it was not and no one understood the problem. They actually compared it to eating turkey on “Turkey Day”. Nooooo, sorry folks, it’s called Turkey Day only as a nickname for the fine dish served on Thanksgiving. There is no cute, cuddly Turkey who visits children in the night and leaves them fun presents and/or candy to wake up to in the morning. I mean, what’s next? Serving up jolly, fat men for Christmas?

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