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Dude, Donde es mi coche?

August 6th, 2010 · No Comments

Dear Scarlett:

You have been a pretty decent car since I brought you home from the dealership in 2005. You don’t have any fancy bells and whistles, but your Ohio State pride is always evident (red on the outside and grey on the inside). You’ve had your fair share of typical maintenance issues like new tires and routine oil changes; I also hate the A/C leak on the passenger side floor and the fact that the interior overhead light hasn’t worked in two years. But ever since Hubby installed XM Radio, Hair Nation makes up for any minor inconveniences (especially when it’s really loud).

However, ever since I spent my hard-earned money on a Chevy product, GM has done nothing to keep my loyalty. Yes, we all know Government Motors took billions in bailout money, essentially making us, the Taxpayers, 60% owners! (I still can’t believe they ran those commercials a few months back about how GM had paid back all of their handout. That is such a total lie!) Anyway, so then GM forced the closure of hundreds of dealerships to save the company money. One of them being the service station/dealership that I regularly took my car to for its repairs. I currently have a recall on my car, but I can’t take it anywhere. Brilliant!

Finally, I just learned that GM is building a brand new plant. Noooo, they are not re-opening any of the old plants in Detroit or Chicago. Noooo, they are not calling back to work all those laid off employees whose houses have gone into foreclosure. Noooo, Government Motors isn’t even building the plant in this country!

Our tax dollars are building a brand new plant in MEXICO! SI SENORS Y SENORITAS!

Well I guess that’s one way of getting around those dastardly immigration laws that have been plaguing the Obama administration. Send all the jobs to Mexico and there will be no more border issues! Brilliant!

I am completely embarrassed to own a Chevy product (sorry Scarlett, it’s not you, it’s me) and I guarantee I will never spend another dollar on another one. And I will (as I am now) discourage anyone else from wasting their money, their time and their patriotic spirit of owning an “American Made” car made by GM. Who am I kidding? My next car is a BMW anyway. Duh.

xoxo – kimmer

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