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Down in the sewer asking all the rats why?

November 12th, 2011 · No Comments

Bama made it to the National News scene once again. Jefferson
County is now the largest County with the largest debt to file for bankruptcy
in the entire nation. Isn’t that special?

I find it hilarious when our state is portrayed in the
National News. I am fairly certain that the “powers that be” purposely keep our
state a secret gem so that the Damn Yankees won’t invade again. Therefore, any
time our state is portrayed in the media the journalists seem to seek out the
most southern-back-woods-hillbilly-redneck they can possibly find to interview.
This unfortunate 15 minutes of fame is usually based upon the following
criteria: number of missing teeth, the height of the afro, the thickness of the
accent and/or the condition of the white-wife-beater tank top. (Imagine the
celebration of the journalist that hits on all of them in one person?)

I have to laugh even harder about the newspaper article I
read online recently. Now obviously when the news is in print, you just don’t
get the full effect of the aforementioned southern-back-woods-hillbilly-redneck
accent. So, apparently the journalist has to seek out the perfect moniker to “bring
it all home”.  Again, I usually never
mention actual names of actual people, but this one has to be repeated. I am
sure this person is a wonderful, brilliant human being, but his name says it
all: Hollis Wormsby.

I can just picture, can’t you?

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