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Diet Schmiet

February 1st, 2011 · No Comments

I am seriously considering the theory that “diet” foods are what make us fat!

 Remember back to when you were a kid? I remember that every morning I would get up and either Mom made everyone at the table a fried egg and a piece of toast or we poured ourselves a bowl of whatever colorful cereal was available that day.

 Then off to school and at lunch time you either ate the chocolate and banana pudding the cafeteria lady slopped on your tray or you brought a paper bag from home. Which usually consisted of a sandwich, a thermos of something hot or cold (depending on season), a baggie of potato chips and an apple. The thermos item was usually finished first, then half the sandwich was eaten, you shared the potato chips with everyone at your table and the apple went straight to the garbage.

 By the time the parents got home from work and threw something on to cook for dinner you were typically starving to death, (because there is no eating before dinner allowed) and which for some odd reason always took an hour to prepare – no matter what it was.

 Dinner usually consisted of an entrée, a side dish and a vegetable. Whole milk was the only beverage at the dinner table and if the phone rang during dinner…you’d better pray it wasn’t for you!

 Anyway, just an observance, we drink diet sodas to make up for the fact that we still order the Big Mac and super size fries. There are 100 calorie snack packs in our desk drawers that we eat all day long and those healthy salads are typically mounding off the plate and coated in killer dressings, cheese, eggs and croutons.

 Maybe this really is centered on these four words that my mother said everyday: Go outside and play!

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