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April 4th, 2011 · No Comments

Outside my office window is a fairly forest-y ravine that drops down to the street below. Nestled among the tall southern pines is this sad stick of a tree right in my eyesight. It stands at least 6 feet with a 3 inch circumference of bare and broken bark. Only at the very top is this sprig of bright green leaves.

The wind is really kicking up today as a spring storm is a-brewin’.  Weathermen warn of “tornadic vortex action” (I am certain that is a new and overly dramatic weatherman term).  So as I quietly sit here while all the attorneys are out to lunch, I am watching this little salamander/chameleon/lizard creature (I am sure that each region has its own word for these little fellas) and he is crawling, with great determination, straight up this stick that is flailing in the breeze.

Do you suppose he looked up from the ground and saw those bright green fresh and untouched leaves and told himself, “Lunch!”

This has been an inspirational message from Jack Handey*.

(*credited to SNL)

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