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June 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Some people like to read the New York Times from cover to cover. Some people like to read paperback Agatha Christie mysteries. I love décor magazines. On a lazy Sunday, other than just about anything else, I would rather plop down on the loveseat in the sunroom, sip a cup of tea and flip through a Country Living Magazine. Peaceful joy.

I have cut back my subscriptions tremendously. I only order three now, but have been known to pick up random overpriced special editions while standing in line at checkout counters. I find décor mags to be inspiring, and I want my house to look just like the one in this month’s cover photo shoot. But therein lays the problem…

A stylized photo shoot is NOT the way humans live on a daily basis in their homes. In photo shoots, the dining room table is always set with a wine glass, a water goblet and a juice glass. Have you ever used three different glasses at one sitting at your dinner table? Ever? Did you notice that in glamorous photo shoots, the nightstand next to the master bed NEVER has an alarm clock or a water bottle or pocket lint? And every time I see a bathroom window that has absolutely no coverings at all, I just want to scream.

The most aggravating surface stylized in any article (for me) has got to be the coffee table. The people that claim to have a coffee table styled like those in a magazine are either (1) an editor of a magazine or (2) don’t really live in the house, just rent it out for photo shoots to editors of magazines.

I tried once to “match” a pretty table setting often featured in HGTV Magazine. I collected some large, colorful coffee table books and stacked them nicely at the corners. I pulled out a pretty tray (there is always a damn tray) and placed it in the center.  I decoratively placed a vase of fresh flowers (I can’t afford orchids), a nice-smelling candle and a small glass candy dish inside the tray. It was very pretty for about 10 minutes and then real life happened…

The flowers were immediately removed to the kitchen counter because they blocked the view of the TV. The coffee table books became drink coasters which subsequently ruined the colorful covers with water rings. The tray was soon filled with remote controls, pocket change and candy wrappers. And of course, anything remaining was shoved over to one side, returning that photo shoot copy cat coffee table back to its original duty of being merely a footstool.

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