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March 3rd, 2014 · No Comments

I’m a lot older chronologically than I am mentally. So, if you aren’t old enough to remember this movie(s), you may want to pass on this post.

In the original “The Bad News Bears” movie (1976), it starred Tatum O’Neal, Walter Matthau and the “cool kid/ringer” of the team was Jackie Earl Haley… I just saw Jackie all grow’d up as one of the bad guys in the new Robocop! (went Sunday afternoon).

I kept staring at him and racking my brain…I know that face! But he’s like in his 50’s and bald now…I had to sit thru the credits to verify his name!

The new Robocop is not half as cool at the original from 1987. The story line changed totally from synthetic drugs to gun running. No funny tag lines either. One character tried to use “I’d buy that for dollar” but it doesn’t work without the underlying game show storyline. Duh!

Even Murphy’s partner went from being a young, rookie female to an older black guy.

Also, the movie was totally filmed in Canada. Cheaters. In the original, Detroit is a major character in the movie, much like NYC is to Carrie Bradshaw. And we all know Detroit could use some income these days.

I guess the most important missing aspect of this version of Robocop is that I wasn’t watching it with my Boy. Back when he was a tyke, he had Robocop figures and cars and motorcycles. Robocop was more of a comic book hero. Little boys wanted to dress up as Robocop for Halloween. There was even a Saturday morning cartoon for awhile. Back before we had VCR’s, DVD’s and DVR’s, we had to set the alarm to get up at 6:00 a.m. to watch it religiously. Ahhhh… the stupid stuff we parents do for our kids sometimes. But obviously sharing that time with my Boy was the real magic, because Robocop 2014 will never compare to the awesomeness of Robocop 1987, (no matter how cool his Batman-esque motorcycle is).

BTW, Boy will turn 28 years old in April. That makes me decrepit in chronological years, but since I still pay to go see movies such as Robocop, that makes me about 12 mentally.

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