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Concert Series

November 6th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Recently I was challenged to remember 50 concerts that I had been to. It has taken me several days but as far as I can remember here is a list, not in order and not complete, but this is what I’ve come up with (of course that was several drinks ago):

Ted Nugent. (you always remember your first) Sports Arena, OH age 14 (all hell broke loose from there)

REO Speedwagon and Molly Hatchet Speedway Jam, OH

Ozzie Osborne and Black Sabbath (2x) OH

Dio  OH

Iron Maiden  OH

Bon Jovi   OH

Def Leppard  (3x) OH

Judas Priest Sports Arena, OH

Scorpions Sports Arena, OH

Tesla Sports Arena, OH

Fastball Sports Arena, OH

Soul Asylum Portside, OH

Collective Soul Portside, OH and AL

Goo Goo Dolls Portside, OH

Cheap Trick Sports Arena, OH

Chicago The Zoo, OH

Styx Sports Arena, OH

Warrant Sports Arena, OH

Poison Sports Arena, OH

Winger Sports Arena, OH

Ratt Sports Arena, OH

Dokken Sports Arena, OH

Cinderella Sports Arena, OH

John Cougar Mellencamp Savage Hall, OH

Elton John Savage Hall, OH

Guns N Roses and Metallica Silverdome, MI

Dave Mathews Band (Savage Hall and AL)

James Taylor AL

Train (minimum 6x) AL, ATL

Butch Walker and Marvelous 3   (minimum 12x)  AL, ATL

Hootie & Blowfish  AL, FLA


Matchbox 20  AL

Eve 6 FLA

Nelly Furtado   FLA

Billy Joel AL

My Friend Steve AL

Shades Apart AL

Athenaum AL

Edwin McCain 2x AL

Vertical Horizon AL

Sister Hazel 3x AL

Oleander AL

Better than Ezra 2x AL

Bare Naked Ladies 3x AL

Third Eye Blind AL

Guster 2x AL

Jump Little Children AL

Maroon 5  2x  Workplay, AL

Marc Broussard 2x Workplay, AL


 That’s the best I can do for now. But I do keep adding to the list. Who’s next?     

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