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Yes, I am one of those people that generally sets out my outfit for work the night before. Just like back in elementary school, so there was no arguing with your mother and having a throw-down, dramatic moment to start the day (or pack a bag to change into later). Also, it saves time and I don’t really have to actually open my eyes all the way while I schlep around the house searching for caffeine.

So last night I set out a new outfit. I had added to my collection of odds and ends after the post Christmas mega clearance sales took over at the stores, so I have a few new items that I have not worn yet. I would have bet dollars to donuts that the dress I chose had a brown base and was speckled with blue and pink flowers. So I set out a matching set of accessories to complete the ensemble; including brown tights, brown boots, a brown belt and I even repainted my fingernails in brown! Then I topped the whole thing off with a blue cardigan to bring out the blue flowers for a hit of color on top of all that brown-ness. I thought I was HOT! (Ya know, as hot as one can be for a super-fun day at work).

I get to work and there, sitting under the illuminating flor-essence and glowing computer screen light, I look at myself and realize this dress is nowhere near the color brown. It is actually an olive green with black, coral and gray flowers on it. Green? Seriously? I bought a green dress? I don’t even really care for the color green. And it has black flowers on it? Did the Cinderella mice draw these on during the night? I swear they were not there before! So now I pretty much look like a totally mismatched dork attempting to dress younger than Stacy London would ever allow for a woman of my vintage.

What I can’t figure out is what type of issue this relates to. Is it another eyeglasses problem? A simple closet lighting problem? An evolving mental issue? Or just plain old age? Accepting no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you.

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