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December 18th, 2009 · No Comments

I was watching the local newscast last night. What a comedic chain of events, if it wasn’t truly tragic! It was as if the Birmingham Police Department were channeling Laurel and Hardy or the Keystone Cops. Allow me to retell the story: 

The Manager of a Wendy’s Restaurant was walking across the street to make the morning deposit. She held two bank deposit envelopes in her hands and a cell phone. Bad Guy #1 runs up behind her, knocks her down, takes her envelopes and jumps in his awaiting car. Manager calls 911 and here in Hooverville (let’s just say we have many police officers strategically placed on all four corners of the city) the high-speed chase begins!  

Bad Guy #1 drives straight out of Hooverville and off through two more cities until finally crashing into a commercial business’ eight-foot, wrought iron fence and gate in a town called Fairfield. Bad Guy #1 is injured in the accident and is hauled off to the hospital in a neck brace and handcuffs. His smashed car is towed. Police Officer #1, who chased the bad guy from Hooterville, apparently ran into an Innocent Bystander and his car. Innocent Bystander #1 goes to hospital and his damaged car is towed off. Damaged police car is towed off. Police Officer #2 from Birmingham somehow discharges his shotgun while removing it from his car. He is rushed to the hospital and will be lucky to save his own left hand! 

So let’s recap; for the total of probably less than five thousand dollars worth of stolen cash, (1) a local business suffered several thousand dollars worth of damage to its premises, (2) at least 3 cars were severely damaged, (3) three people were admitted to the hospital and (4) one person will be lucky to continue his career and the use of his own hand. 

Good use of resources, don’t you think?

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