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Chocolate for Chocolate’s sake

April 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Hubby loves all sweets of all kind, however, he is a total and utter choco-holic. This year, it was far too convenient when his Birthday fell on Easter Sunday. We are not a religious bunch, (probably closer to Pagans) but we do worship the Easter Bunny and covet the baskets of goodies that he brings! Can you say Sugar Buzz?

Not only did Hubby get to ignore his healthy diet (on this one day) with a chocolate birthday cake and required chocolate ice cream on the side…he also got to partake in chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, Cadbury eggs, and tootsie rolls…

I did discover that he is NOT a fan of marshmallow peeps and although he will consume anything that is put in front of him (old fashioned parents that instilled to always clean his plate), he finds it unfortunate when chocolate is mixed with other ingredients. I mean, why put mint in your chocolate when you can simply add more chocolate to chocolate? Such a wasted opportunity!  After all, the mint (or hazelnut or nougat or caramel) is similar to corn or carrots in the “filler” category and totally detracts from the all chocolate flavor. Just plain wrong! Or so I am told…

I am NOT a candy fiend. I do however, love peanut butter cookies. And when I break down and buy some from the bakery or get a wild hair and bake them myself…you better not touch them! I will snatch a knot in your head and hide my goodies like the Easter Bunny. Only I will hide them from you…not for you. Back away from the cookies…I will cut you.

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