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September 17th, 2013 · No Comments

The Hubby attempted to remember when the last time he and his 4 siblings were in the same room at the same time. He decided that it has been nearly 40 (damn) years.

A brief history:

The family originated in the State of Minnesota. Both parents have long since passed. The 5 siblings currently live in 4 different states. No one remains in Minnesota. The oldest and the youngest reside in the same state. 3 of them served their country in the military. 2 of them stayed in the service until they retired. Only 1 of them has been married just once, while 1 of them has been married so many times, no one can quite remember the exact number…could be 14?

The current status:

The youngest will be celebrating his 49th birthday this month. Therefore, all 5 siblings and their (current) spouses will be gathering all in the same room at the same time to celebrate! Soon, 10 of us are vacationing in a beautiful cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Georgia for 4 days.

Everyone knows that Minnesotans are a little bit different than the average bear. Just look at who they elect to represent them in government – Jesse “The Body” Ventura was their Governor for several years (yes, he was a famous WWE wrestler) and Al Franken is a current Senator (yes, he is a former SNL alum). Also, Prince and Bob Dylan are notable Minnesotans.

Hubby says that when Minnesotans leave the State, they don’t return because their brains have finally thawed and now they know better. In other words, this group of people is a unique blend of…awkward (to say the least).

This could be epic (and I’m a little scared). The countdown begins…


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