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March 12th, 2014 · No Comments

I know I do not have any room to talk, I have never been a “stay-at-home-Mom”, and I know parents can’t keep a Hawk-eye on their children every minute of every day… but with all of the Mommy bloggers screaming about “how busy they are all the time”, I just had to share a funny thought:

I know a stay-at-home Mommy of 3. She posts about her kids all the time, mostly about the trouble they get into. So far this year she has had to renovate an entire bathroom, hallway and basement due to one of her angels playing in the toilet. Yes, she claims she didn’t know the toilet had been overflowing for over an hour one glorious morning.

Another morning she claimed that princess stickers would be outlawed in the home after peeling an entire package off the kitchen walls, floors, appliances, furniture….

And most recently she was found asking for cleaning ideas on how to get mascara out of her bedding and carpeting when an angel wanted to wear make up just like Mommy.

I guess my point is that maybe stay-at-home-Mommy wouldn’t be so busy if she didn’t make all this extra work for herself??



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