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May 19th, 2010 · No Comments

Kimmer’s been a bit concerned about The Old Folks this week. Seems my parents have reached the age of “getting older and wearing out” (quoted from my Dad). Currently they seem to have a slew of issues, yet I have to put on my Magnum P.I. mustache and hunt for clues. Even though I am 40(+) years old, I am still treated as the youngest and apparently too fragile to understand the complexities of life, (AKA I never get told anything, EVER).

Funny part about that sentiment is that I am a do-er. If there is something wrong or needs to be fixed I will find a solution. I do not get emotional or weepy or all dramatic. No, in fact, if it pertains to my children, I get angry. Seems anger fuels my fire whereas whiney gets me nowhere fast. Heh, but at the same time, angry has gotten me into trouble in the past too. I know there are probably half a dozen teachers, hospital employees, pediatricians and dentists out there who have felt the wrath of the Mama Bear protecting her young.

Well, as I have really never been what I would call “friends” with The Old Folks and I currently live more than 700 miles away from them, there isn’t too much I can do to help them out at least on a daily basis. Daughter Britt has been kind enough to check in on them in my absence and Special Neighbor, Peggy, was kind enough to bring them chicken noodle soup. Of course, Brother David, does all he can as the family member living the closest to The Old Folks.

So I will continue to call to check in on them. I will continue to send cards, letters, pictures and silly gift packages to keep them aware at least that I was thinking of them. There will be no “wearing out” on my watch!

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