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January 20th, 2009 · No Comments

In the voice of Kelly O’Donnell NBC Whitehouse Correspondent:

Good Morning, Brian. Here I am at the Capitol Rotunda, the intersection, if you will, of all of the comings and goings of the day. As you can see to my left there is a long hall and then if you take a short jog to the right and another left uh, there is a private men’s bathroom wherein many important and influential asses have occupied (no pun intended, Brian). We are told that the President-Elect is in there right now. Apparently he felt the desire to try to cleanse his system before his long day today. We are told he may have to poop or that he said he may have to poop, we are awaiting clarification on that as we speak. All in all he will probably at least pee and wash his hands I am sure, after all he is the coming Messiah. But uh… as I said Brian, the President-Elect is attempting to get out a poop. It may just be a fart or passing of gas but there may be some grunting involved uh.. there may be a little sweating but as soon as uh.. we get clearance we will let you know how it all came out.

For now, Brian, back to you…

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