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February 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Boy’s dog is a 4-legged walking disaster! She has
single-handedly raised my stress level to BALLISTIC!

First, she has no decent training at all; 5 years old and still pee’s in the damn house! The white shag carpet in the living room is now white with yellow spots. We do not have a fenced in yard so she has to be taken out by leash or she runs away. Stupid me, my brilliant plan was to get her on an “outside” schedule and now I am the one she runs to when it’s raining or cold or midnight. If this actually prevented the yellow carpet syndrome, I wouldn’t complain as much, but at this point, I feel I am just being played by a damn dog.

I tried chaining her on a long lead in the back yard. She
would manage to stay outside for as long as 10 – 15 minute outings before
barking and crying like she was utterly abandoned. One day, a neighbor’s dog
walked down the golf cart track and bit her on the leg. Boy had to patch her
up. Another time, I think she plunged her face into a pricker bush (or was possibly
attacked by a feral cat) because she came in covered in holes. Boy had to patch
her up.

Then Boy announced that back yard time was officially outlawed.

I moved the chain to the front yard. She is just steps from the front porch and nowhere near any street or sidewalk. She got accustomed to running out the door and one day just kept running. She disappeared for over 2 hours. It was long enough to force me to call Boy and tell him I had lost his dog. She eventually came back on her own, but beaten up again. This time she was rushed to the Vet and spent 2 days undergoing surgery for an infection under her skin. 5 more days spent making sure she actually swallows her antibiotic and coating her wounds in Neosporin. After she had improved enough from those injuries, she had to have her annual shots and check up. OF COURSE she had an allergic reaction to the shots. Again, I am calling Boy to inform him of his dog with the red face and swollen lips. Again she is rushed to the Vet for steroid shots and Benadryl.

I am exhausted. It has been 4 months since they moved back in and we are nowhere nearer to a trained dog or more importantly…a trained Boy. Is a mother’s work ever done?


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