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May 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Monday morning I get up and go off to work as usual, but as I pull into my driveway at the end of the day I notice something not quite right. I very slowly edge down the driveway, looking around at all the neighbors’ houses.  Did my lawn mower guy come today and mow especially low? Did the neighbors do something to make their lawns look better than mine all of a sudden? (Don’t take that as nasty folks, Hubby is in the lawn care biz so my lawn had better look better than everyone else’s – or else!)

All I see is a whole lot of nothing! Where is the lawn?????? HUBBY!!!!!!!! The lawn has been repossessed! Call 911! What the hell?

It seems Mr. got a bug up his ass and ripped the lawn out completely. He has ordered all new Emerald Zoysia for the lawn and “forgot” to tell me.

Today I saw the saddest sight ever, a lawn guy with no lawn. A total dust bowl of dirt laid out before him. As I left for work today, Hubby was sitting on the front steps waiting for the sod to show up.  If it doesn’t show up soon, he may have trouble laying it as the news says there are tornado watches all over today and the rains are coming in from Mississippi. That damn Mississippi. Always brings the rains. Umm… please allow me to retract that statement. We love rain in Alabama. Sorry Rain Gods! I really did not mean that! Sorry. Rain is good.

Hubby promises that I will be happy by the time I get home from work tonight. We will have a brand new lawn and it will be beautiful! I believe him, after all, he is the expert (and I thought it looked pretty fine to begin with, Silly me).

Ok, so I get home from work on Thursday and the sod had just been delivered! Guess who’s lawn is NOT beautiful? Guess who is out there laying as much sod as possible before the storm blows through? Guess who ends up Singing in the Rain as the mailman makes fun? You got it! ME!  Yep, me and Hubby were out laying sod all by ourselves in the rain. (Until the tornado sirens went off 4 times)

I’ll refer to it as a bonding experience and leave it at that.

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