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Bon Appetit!

August 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Several months ago, my Hubby was out of town for a weekend. I knew I’d be staying home alone, enjoying some Me Time, so I planned to be a total bum, staying in my jammies and watching sappy girl movies. I ask my gal pal, Val, what she recommends and she says that if I have yet to see it, I must rent Mama Mia. Now I’ve heard the hoopla about the play and seen the commercials for the movie adaptation, but I am just not that into silly musicals, especially when they revolve around the song stylings of ABBA. But my gal pal, she knows me well, so I take her advice and I am pleasantly pleased and strangely empowered by this movie (even though Pierce Brosnan’s singing made me wince – at least my ears did not bleed).

Fast forward to this past week, when my gal pal, Libberanne, came to the Ham to visit me. I was so excited that I planned our visit from minute to minute. This is an unfortunate family trait that I cannot help. When I visit the Homeland, once per year, my time is possessed from sun up to sun down by the family gathering itinerary. It is not a vacation but mostly exhaustion and therefore I must pass it on. Sorry.

Libberanne’s plane is three hours late therefore plans for day one are not happening. Some people do not travel well, therefore, plans for day two were nixed as well. Day three was supposed to be a day on the lake enjoying the fresh air and sunshine on the boat, when my guest informs me that boating is just not her idea of fun.  Damnit! Three strikes and I am out! She suggests that she has not been to an actual movie theater to see a first run movie in a coon’s age and she would like to see Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep. Mind you, I am not a “foodie”. I do not enjoy cooking and the only reference I have to Julia Child is the Dan Akroyd impersonation on Saturday Night Live.  My kitchen may have all the gadgets, but they are mostly just for show and dust collecting.

Certainly not wanting to disappoint my guest, we plan for a Sunday Matinee with all that the movie-going experience has to offer – hot buttered popcorn, frozen cokes and peanut butter Reese’s Bites.

As I said, I didn’t know Julia Child from a hole in the wall, but Meryl Streep had me believing every minute of her story as did Stanley Tucci who played the part of her husband (both deserve Oscar noms).  It was an adorable brief insight into an interesting life and an even more touching love affair between a husband and a wife. We laughed, we cried and by the end we were ready to hug our husbands and call our sisters. It was a fun little movie and a memorable moment shared with my forever friend.

Bon Appetit! (and two thumbs up)

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