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November 4th, 2013 · No Comments

One morning on the Today show (NBC) I saw two separate segments while getting ready for work. Both segments complained, whined and fussed over the appearance of a female person in an ad of some kind or another:

The first ad showed a young mother who was photographed with her own 3 small children while wearing bikini-esque workout gear. The caption read “What’s your excuse?”

This woman was brought on morning TV to basically defend herself from those stupid hosts bashing her for looking good and posing for an article/ad about her healthy body. I am pretty sure the hosts made up the term “fat bashing” right then and there.

Twenty minutes later, the same stupid hosts held up an Elle Magazine cover with Melissa McCarthy on the cover. She had great big fluffy hair, perfect make up and was wearing a bright trench coat. The only skin, other than her face, you could see in the picture was her knees and her bare hands. So the hosts began to complain over the fact that this actress was beautiful in her own skin and that this magazine was “fat bashing” her by not showing any skin and covering her up with a big old coat. Apparently, it wasn’t important to note that the text next to her picture was promoting an article about “finding your perfect coat” inside the magazine.

Ok, so which is it? Is it fat bashing to show an overly-healthy specimen in minimal attire for us all to pine over or is it fat bashing to cover up the “happy-in-her-own-skin” overweight specimen?

Damnit, put a coat on that tiny thing who no doubt is freezing to death for lack of warm blubber, and uncover that actress who no doubt cannot wait to pose half naked on the cover of a men’s magazine!

I hereby fat bash The Today Show idiots.


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