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September 13th, 2010 · No Comments

The only college football games I have ever been to have been my Alma Mater – University of Toledo. Go Rockets!

Typically, bundled up in some kind of Michelin Man outerwear, a blanket and sipping hot chocolate. This weekend, Hubby and I got our first opportunity to go to a University of Alabama game. What a difference! We were a bit overwhelmed with the over-the-top show of pride and enthusiasm. Everyone was genuinely kind. We made our way to our seats and had to kick out some people who were already seated in them. Ten minutes later we were kicked out by the rightful owners. (we were one section off) To get to our actual seats, we had to disrupt an entire row of fans. I apologized to each and every one of them and received in return, “No problem. Roll Tide”. We found our correct seats yet once again had to eject a man who also was one section off. At least we were not the only idiots in the place. “No problem. Roll Tide”.

Once musical chairs was finally over, we settled in to witness Joe Paterno and his Nittany Lions. Apparently the first time Penn State had been to Alabama in over 20 years.

We learned that when Bama has the ball actually sitting in your seat is NOT and option. We learned that you have to say “Roll Tide” at every first down, punt and score. We learned that even in 90 (+) weather we were severely under dressed in shorts and Bama T-Shirts. We were amazed at all of the red, strapless dresses, three inch heels and houndstooth acccessories.

The excitement is infectious! Every inch of grass outside of the stadium is covered in tailgating canopies complete with portable sattelite dishes, barbeque buffets and Vizio flat screen TV’s.

Finally, the most amazing part was that out of 101,000 fans in the stadium, I managed to run into someone I knew! (An attorney from my office) Of all the stadiums in all the world…No problem! Roll Tide!

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