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November 19th, 2010 · No Comments

It is not even Thanksgiving and the Christmas barrage has begun! We just got over the damn political ads; can’t we have a moment without being SOLD? Arghhh….

So I get into work and I read over the Yahoo news pages to see what’s going on in the world and one of the articles is “10 things NOT to get your man for Christmas” which is quickly followed up with an article entitled “Gifts Every Woman Wants”.

Well you know I had to find out because lord knows I don’t wanna screw up my gift giving by thinking about my recipient and what THEY would like….noooo….I need to be told by whomever the retail sponsors are so I get it right (and spend my money accordingly).

I started with the MAN article. It was actually a clever little list with some funny commentary by a writer from Maxum Magazine. He says that men do not want a gift card…to anywhere from their someone special. It’s ok from a co-worker or an Aunt Tilly, but not from the GF/Wife. He also said man jewelry is a great big No! No! First, most men don’t wear jewelry and if they did it would bother them that you over spent and made their gift to you look even worse than it already is. For obvious reasons, please no ballet tickets, books from HER favorite author or small kitchen appliances. And never give the gift of LOVE. Yes, love makes the world go ‘round but men want something to actually open on Christmas Day. Sounds logical.

As for the woman’s list…I was kind of embarrassed (being a woman myself, after all). First, everything on the list came from Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th Ave. or Tiffany’s. Yes, of course I would LOVE something ANYTHING from any of those stores, but most men I know just don’t go strolling into the local Tiffany’s to pick up a pair of $200 leather gloves. A fake fur vest? Are you kidding me? Custom made vintage posters? (which confuses me, to say the least) both also upwards of $200. The most reasonable items on the list came from Barnes and Noble. However, the two choices they listed were a book about CoCo Chanel and Michelle Obama. OY!

I don’t know who decided these items were ideal gifts for any woman from her man, but let’s be honest here. I think all women really want from their significant other is just something that shows they were actually personally thought about, considered and remembered (again, being a woman myself, it’s just a hunch). We don’t want our man to go to the mall on Christmas Eve and buy the newest, hottest trend because we can do that on our own and get the right size, shape, color, etc… without feeling guilty that we’ve hurt your feelings by returning it.

Merry Christmas ya’all (in November).

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