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Baby New Year!

January 7th, 2014 · No Comments

At the end of the year it is always office lease renewal time. This year, the attorneys requested (demanded) carpet cleaning services throughout the entire office suite. I know I have been employed here for over 7 years and the carpets have never been cleaned while I have been here, so Lord knows how long it has REALLY been. (Also, golf clap to passive-aggressive attorneys for actually getting something done).

So on January 2nd, the Building Services Manager gave me call and suggested I get as much up off of the floor as I could manage by the end of the day. I was basically the only one here for most of that day, so I couldn’t ask for help and I couldn’t ask about stuff I have certainly never even touched in this past 7 years. I did the best I could. Both conference rooms, my office, lobby area and common space good to go! But then I walked into one of the attorney’s offices and…next to his desk clear through to the wall was a pile of papers as high as the window sills.  I am not touching that! Lord knows what’s under there!


The following Monday I come back to work and the floors (as much as could be cleaned) look pretty good. I start to put things back where they were in a much neater, organized fashion. The attorney states that he is inspired. He goes into his office and emerges with an armful of papers and throws them in the trash! Probably the first time he has done that in over 10 years!

Then he goes to lunch.

That’s it.

That’s all the inspiration he had.

Baby Steps.



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