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Aye Matey!

November 10th, 2015 · No Comments

We have met some of the greatest neighbors on “O” Dock already. That really says a lot for me, because I do not naturally care for other human beings.   Boat people are My Peeps!

Next (slip) door is “Gloria”. She is probably in her early 70’s and a retired nurse. Her wide brim hat matches her Huarache sandals and her beaded necklace matches her beaded bracelet and she is fantastic. She stopped by one day as we were demolishing the flooring and walls. We were sweaty and smelly and exhausted, when she asked, “How’s it going?”

I answered a bit negatively due our aforementioned (stinky) state of being and she replied, “Good thing you both are still so young that can do all that work.”  I immediately fell in love with Gloria.

For the remainder of our work day, both RRL and I whistled while we worked…G-L-O-R-I-A!!!

Another day, we had a long chat with “James”. James reminds me of George Carlin. Slight resemblance in appearance, but mostly due to his sarcastic sense of humor and other recreational hobbies. James refers to our newest Dock Mates as The Jamaicans (I have not met them yet, but you get the idea, right?). James is funny. And harmless.

Several slips down is The World’s Most Interesting Man. He has a 60Ft sailboat and drinks warm red wine. He is the most flawless boat Captain I have ever witnessed. He is the Ben Vereen of smooth sailing. I am in awe of this guy. He may very well have two scantily clad bimbos in his 24k gold bathtub…He may be an underworld spy…

He doesn’t always dock his boat in reverse, (one-handed with his eyes closed), but when he does, it’s flawless…

Finally, there is Dock Mate, “Adam”, who resides directly across the dock from Rehab:

Adam has a man bun.

Adam has a lot of tattoos.

Adam has a dog and a parrot.

Therefore, logic states that Adam is a Pirate.

Pirate or trust fund baby. Whatever floats his boat!

Pirate or trust fund baby. Whatever floats his boat!



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