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Arrogant American

August 18th, 2010 · No Comments

Hubby and I had the opportunity to see Carlos Mencia, the Comedian, live in Birmingham last night. The man is completely hilarious. I think he talked for nearly two hours last night. An impromptu-one-night-only engagement. We were very lucky to get tickets on such short notice because the venue was sold-out by show time.

Now if you have seen/heard his comedy, you know that he has no issues with “political correctness” in fact, he credits himself with bringing back the term Beaner to describe his Mexican heritage. White people are Crackers and Black people, well, even I can’t actually use that term…but you get my meanin’.

He always makes the comment of how much he loves America. That America is the greatest country on Earth! He says all you have to do is leave the country and then return and you will agree.

Carlos says that other countries think of Americans as arrogant. That we always want more than we have, we are greedy. Carlos corrects this nasty rumor by simply stating that Americans do NOT expect more than anyone else, they just assume to receive the same as they are accustomed to back home. His example: I was in France at a restaurant and the waiter brings me my beverage and it has the saddest three little ice cubes floating on top. I ask the waiter if I could have some more ice cubes please. The Waiter is indignant. You Americans are so arrogant! So greedy! You always want more than everyone else! (give it your best Pepe Le Pew accent, go ahead)

So, is it harder to make ice in France than it is in the States??? Just sayin’…

To which Carlos replies:

Back home we have these really cool magical machines and you put your big gulp cup underneath it and all this ice just comes pouring out! All the ice you want! Sometimes it’s too much ice and you have to pour a little out. Then you put your cup underneath all of the beverage choices and make this crazy mixture which actually tastes super nasty, so you pour everything out and start all over again! (Oh come on, you know we have ALL done that!)

Hubby and I get home after the show and I duck right into the bedroom to change into comfy clothes and wash make up off my face. By the time I re-enter the living room, there is a nice tasty drink waiting for me on the coffee table. I sit down and pick up the drink and…oh come on you know… there are three of the saddest looking ice cubes floating on the top.

That’s OK, I have this magical machine in my fridge that gives me all the ice cubes I could ever want! I’ll just pour this out and start all over again! I am so arrogant!

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